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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pray for the Animals of New Orleans

Today I am angry
for having let myself read a perfume review
a perfume review
(it was cruel, a pseudoscientist ramping
on a wealthy perfumer's
natural scent efforts ...
disparaging, so-called wit)

I am angry I spent any time, any energy thinking about it.

Because I later turned to another blogpage and saw a skeletal dog,
true refugee of New Orleans
left to starve and die.

How can I spend any energy on the effete
when there is so much real pain
so much suffering
so much hurt

To which thought and energy is so much better addressed.


Blogger clearing said...


4:39 PM

Blogger schnoodlepooh said...

Don't beat yourself up. But yes, the poor creatures need us so badly. So many beloved pets are starving to death in their own homes, alone, afraid and confused. "Why have my people left me alone to die?" It's breaking my heart.

6:15 PM

Blogger Janey said...

Suffering of every kind goes on every day, every minute. You can't beat youself up for feeling good. You have a right to that and bad things happening shouldn't rob you of those moments. You just do what you can. You give to the survivors be they human or animal, that's how you have an effect.

6:32 PM

Blogger still life said...

Yes, it breaks my heart as well. There is pain and there is also beauty in this world, we need one in order to clearly see the other.

9:08 PM


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